The living roomers just put hot coals in your socks when you weren’t looking. Snuck into your bones with elemental uncertainty. They are radiating harmonies and thumping rhythm and good vibes. You’re nowhere but right here right now. TLR is made up of Truman Flyer, Jacko Ricko, Alison Berry, and Lily Dale. They hail from mid-city Los Angeles, between downtown and the beach. Their music is born of that dialectical aura, giving ground and air to what so many find disorienting in the middle of this beast of a city. A lost generation is rising from the ash pile of online identities, confused and asking “is this it?”. What feels good and what is important? Is there Morality, anything absolute in a time when subjectivity rules? Is there somethings which can bring us all together or are we bound only by each of our unique and interconnected webs? Where every voice has a platform on which to speak, will we continuously be divided until warring factions become clear, will we be lost among the current of too many tides, or will the forces of connection and love overpower the rest? TLR is working on the side of love and truth. That through our differences there are some things which bring some of us together and some thing that brings us all together.