Austin-based band Star Parks, originally a solo project, frontrunner Andy Bianculli has grown Star Parks into an elaborate nine-piece mini orchestra. They boast a rich and soulful pop production, with a trombone, trumpet and vibraphone rounding out the usual guitar, bass, drums and keys. Star Parks tends to bleed into the melancholy; their lush and upbeat arrangements disguise often cynical lyrics. Their sophomore album, The New Sounds of Late Capitalism further dives into this concept, discussing themes of alienation and disappointment. The substantial lyrics add yet another layer to an already textured and expansive sound that draws from the group’s large pool of talent. — Annie Lyons, KUTX Intern

Photo credit @michaelminasi

Star Parks full lineup made up of Andy Bianculli, Nathaniel Klugman, Sam Pankey, Andy Beaudoin, Sam Howden, Derek Phelps, Wayne Myers, Keith Lough, Jason Frey, and Carolyn Trowbridge.